Home Buyers Top 10 ?s #2

2. What factors are important in a home?

a.   3 Words Location, Location, Location.  This is the most important factor of a home.  It not only impacts you and your family currently when you think about schools, shopping and distance to work it also impacts the sale of your home some day with the exact same concerns and thoughts for the next buyer.

b.  The second factor comes to your general criteria number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage of the home.  This is assuming that it is similar in location, style and age to other homes that you are comparing it to. 

c.   There are other factors that have great importance such as  garage size, age, lot size, landscaping, deck/patio, fireplaces, sprinkler systems, appliances, and any other special features the home has is important.

d.   While the above factors have much to do with value, keep in mind that if you plan to live in the house for many years you will want to buy what you like and what is important to you.  Potential future value of the home is not the only factor in purchasing a home.  There is also the fact of you enjoying the home and making it “YOURS”


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