2014 Sioux Falls Building Permits UP UP and Away!

Last year 2013 is a year that now has a record that is primed and ready to be broken!  The building permit numbers for the city of Sioux Falls finished out at 588.2 million which dominated 2012’s number that was only 490.5 million.  The number itself is showing what everybody in town is seeing, construction is going wild and from 12 to 13 to see almost 100 million more in building permits is a strong sign that Sioux Falls is the place to be.  The record number is one that even toppled the pre-reccsesion 2007 mark of 523.1 million.   Some or the projects that boosted the number are Costco, Scheels remodel, NW Wal-Mart, many apartments and hotels also, the events center brings some of that number up as well.  But not only large projects make this number but new construction housing permits came in at 2039 permits issued the previous record for that was held by 2001 at 1909 permits.  This year 2014 has some pretty big shoes to fill! 


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